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Yeadon Methodist Church 1996

Yeadon Methodist Church 1996
Yeadon Methodist Church 1996Yeadon Methodist Church 1996Yeadon Methodist Church 1996
Yeadon Methodist Church
Date 13th January 1996
Location Yeadon
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S62 + S63 + S64 & S66
Top: Interior view of the new entrance showing toilets and steps leading to Hardwick Hall, a large room used for refreshments, social activities and classes.
It was named Hardwick Hall in memory of Cyril Hardwick and Miss Eileen Hardwick (no relation) who both left substantial legacies to the church.
These gifts paid for extensive refurbishments and improvements to the building.

Upper Middle: Rear view of the new entrance.

Lower Middle: This is the back of the church, on the left is the exterior of the new entrance.

Bottom: To the left is the rear view of the new entrance, the arched windows are in the main body of the church and on the right are meeting rooms.

The money was left to the church by Joyce Hardwick on behalf of herself and Cyril who had died shortly before her. It was a pure coincidence that Eileen Hardwick should pass away at the same time, also leaving some money to the church. Although they were in no way related it did mean we could refurbish the hall and dedicate it in one name, thus  remembering them all.

Barbara Dean

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