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Yeadon Carnival 2015

Yeadon Carnival
Date 4th July 2015
Location Yeadon
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1 & 2: The band of the Air Force Cadets and seen marching on Cemetery Road from the carnival field at the Tarn (Dam).
3 & 4: Two smiling police officers and two paramedics on duty at the carnival.
5 & 6: Pupils and adults representing Queensway School on Cemetery Road.

7 & 8: Vehicles which took part in the Carnival parade.

9: 10 & 11: Children from Westfield School in various costumes for the carnival theme which was Independence Day.
The location is Cemetery Road, Rhode's garage is on the right.

12 & 13: A green MGC and a Jowett Javelin on Cemetery Road, they were taking part in the parade.

14: 15 & 16:Rufford Park Primary School taking part in the carnival parade.

17 & 18: The Rapide Brothers entertaining the carnival crowds, the location was the Tarn field.

19: Carnival field at the Tarn (Dam) with a bouncy castle, roundabout and other amusements to entertain people and children.

20 & 21: Vehicles carrying the Carnival Queen and her attendants on Cemetery Road.

22 & 23: Children from Westfield Infants School in the carnival parade progressing along Cemetery Road.

24: 25: 26:Classic cars taking part in the carnival parade.

27: A group of motor cycles taking part in the carnival, the middle one has a "Minion" (children's cartoon) figure on the front.

28: A fire engine, one of the vehicles taking part in the carnival parade.

29: One of the many volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure the success of the carnival, without their time and efforts there would be no carnival.
Yeadon has held a carnival for over a century, the donations were once given to the local hospital fund in the days before the NHS was founded in the 1940s, now the monies raised are donated to charities.


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