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Aerial View Yeadon 1983

Yeadon Yeadon
Aerial View
1 & 2: July 1983
3: 19th June 1983
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
B236 + B235 + V136
1: Yeadon Dam (Tarn) is towards the top of the view in the center.
Above it is Leeds Bradford Airport, a runway and terminal buildings are just visible.
To the left the mill chimney is part of Banksfield Dye Works, moving right, in the center is a cleared area which is the site of the former Manor Mill on Kirk Lane.
Also on Kirk Lane towards the bottom another chimney marks Leafield Mill.

2: The road running from the top left corner up to the top middle is Apperley Lane.
The garage is JCT 600.
Bottom left is a gasometer, this was Yeadon Gasworks, it is now demolished and housing on the site. (February 2013)
New Road Side (A65) is out of view on the left.
Warm Lane runs from the top middle to the right middle, the collection of buildings in the centre is Greenside Farm, perhaps better known as Emsley's Farm and Visitor Centre.


3: An aerial view showing Warm Lane farm, Warm Lane is on
the left.

The photographer was Andrew Emsley, the pilot of the plane
Alec Webster who owned Yeadon Flying Club.


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