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Wesleyan Methodist Chapel

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
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K075     Donated by Edith & Roger Pratt
E476 + K292
1: Located on Chapel Hill, it was built in 1834.
The final service was held there on July 3rd 1955, it was demolished in 1958.
Monuments were removed from the burial ground and it was grassed over except for two which are now placed on the exterior wall of the present church which was built partly on the site, a car park is also on the footprint of the original chapel.
2: Built in 1766 it was the first Wesleyan Chapel in Yeadon, it was demolished in 1894 and the Church Institute built on the site.
This building was converted into apartments in 1984 when a time capsule was found containing this image.
3: The chapel was located on Chapel Hill, it was demolished in 1958 and the burial ground was grassed over.
It was replaced by the present Methodist Church which is in the same location.
A coment on our facebook page from:
Simon Crabtree May I comment on this is the building on the left the scout building and the roof in the back ground the methodist church
If so the graves have long gone and so had the grass I think it's s car park now
A reply from our President:

What he says is correct in that the building just visible with its roof is our current Sanctuary which originally was the Church Hall for the Wesleyan chapel which is shown.

The site of this is the current health centre car park.

The graves were covered over and are under the grassy area.

We sold it to A.U.D. I think for about £1 the condition that as an open space it could be used for activities for Scouts Guides etc. and in addition for community events such as the Yeadon Carnival which was held on it after the usual procession.

We thought originally about removing the graves in order to sell it as building land but there are appx. 1200 bodies there and it was going to cost £12 per body to remove them hence we thought better and is why we took the decision to pass it to the Council.

Gerald Long

President AHS

September 2017


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