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Methodist Burial Ground 2015

Wesleyan Burial Ground
Wesleyan Burial Ground
1: Undated
2: 4th July 2015
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
L146     Photographer Carlo Harrison
1: This is the Wesleyan Methodist Burial Ground behind the church on Chapel Hill.
Two women in mourning clothes stand by the Preston family grave which is inscribed "In Memory of Sarah, wife of Samuel Preston of Yeadon who died Sept 25th 1859 aged 33 years
Also William Preston who died Feb 20th 1863 aged 82 years
Also Ann wife of the above who died Feb 12th 1864 aged 79 years
Also four children of Samuel and Sophia Preston who died in their infancy
Also the above named Samuel Preston who departed this life in peace Jan 27th 1883 aged 60 years"
On the right is another monument which reads "Joseph Parkinson died March 21st 1875 aged 55 years"
By the 1950s the Burial Ground was full , there had been no internments for a long time and the graveyard was neglected, it was decided to clear the ground.
I was told that where possible families were informed and given the opportunity to record the burials or claim grave markers.
The headstones were mostly removed but some remain set into the walls surrounding the old graveyard which was grassed over and remains so.(February 2013)
2: This green space was the Wesleyan Methodist Burial Ground, there had been no internments for a considerable length of time, it became neglected and overgrown.
The gravestones were removed after a public appeal for any descendants to make their claim, the remains of the departed were left undisturbed and the area was grassed over.
Houses on the left front onto Harper Lane.


I'm fairly certain that the older lady in the picture is of my Great Great Grandmother Nanny (Preston) Cockshott. Comparing to another photo of her I have, I'm sure it's her. I've just sent in a picture of both John and Nanny Cockshott from an invitation of their 50th Wedding Anniversary... match the pictures and they are very very close. I'm not sure who the young women is beside her, I'm guessing it could be one of her daughters, my guess is Sophia, who would be my Great Grand Aunt. Nanny was the sister of Raymond Preston.
17 April 2013
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