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St John Ambulance Brigade 1940s

St. John Ambulance
St. John Ambulance BrigadeSt. John Ambulance Brigade
St John Ambulance Brigade
Date As Shown
Location Yeadon
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G050 + D043 & G051
1939/45: During the 2nd World war a first aid post was established in the Sunday School at St Johns Church.
Here we see the clerical and nursing staff with Dr Sproat.
The entrance to the building is protected with sandbags.

1939/45: St John Ambulance Brigade volunteers outside a First Aid Post which was at St Johns Church.
On the left is Mr Earle, the man on the right is Mr Kershaw.
The group also included Mable Wishaw and Mrs Pollitt.
Dr Sprat is thought to be in the middle of the group.
In the background are sandbags to protect the church from blasts.

1939/45: A first aid post at St Johns Church manned by St John Ambulance Brigade volunteers.
This is a photo of the male staff, senior nurse and Dr Sproat who is the man in the centre of the front row wearing a bow tie and a trilby.
On his right is Mrs Pollitt



Undated: Names supplied but no precise order given, they are:

Herbert Freeman, Harold Fowles, Denis Pearson, Harry Brayshaw, Mrs Noble, ? Freeman, Marie Fowles, Jane Newman, Penny Freeman, Ann Dowte, Doreen King, Florrie Penny, 

Ethel Canthorne, Ilda Gallant, Doris Lawson and Mavis Dowker.

Donated by Mavis Dowker


1940s: Donated by Anne Scott and Mavis Dowker who is 4th from the right on the back row, in the front centre is Dr Bett.


1940s: Brigade outside a petrol station which has sandbags to protect it during WW2.

Present were C Birkbeck    A Muschamp   F Lees   E Waite    M Inman    F Crowther and

E Perkins.


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