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South View School (2)

South View School
Date 1935/38
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
A school photo with Harper Lane in the left background, the semi-detached houses are on Brooklands Crescent.
The Headmaster was Mr Wilkinson, teacher Mr Birch is on the right.

A school class, the donor of the photo Jayne Chew points out that her auntie is on the right end of the front row.


30th July 1937: Group of boys with teacher Sid Smith, 2nd left on the back row is E Lennon, centre of the middle row is Harry Porrit.


Undated: Infants and Junior girls in the playground, the little chap front right is definitely not impressed!

At his side is a child in a wheelchair.

To the left Brooklands Crescent would be built in the late 1920s, in the background is Harper Lane.

Donated by Andrew Emsley


1934/5: School football team, the donor of the photo Diane Gaffney nee Vine told us her father Leonard Vine is the boy on the middle row, 2nd in from the left.


1952: Infant class, some with apprehensive or anxious expressions, a few names supplied by the donor of the photo Alan Clifford who is in the photo himself:  Roger Gallant    Peter Cousins   Ian Forrest.


Ken Lee
Ken Lee
As I said when I saw this photo on Facebook, it was definitely not taken between the years 1935 -1938. I recognise several of the kids here, including myself, and I estimate the year the photo was taken to be somewhere between 1952 and 1954. Also when I saw the photo on Facebook via my tablet I had a stab at providing some names, but now I have had a look on a larger screen, I realise that I might have got a couple wrong. Apologies for that.
27 March 2019
Janet O'Carroll (nee Myers)
Janet O'Carroll (nee Myers)
Photo definitely not taken in 1936. I was born in 1943 and I am on the left in the back row.
28 July 2019
sam kilburn
sam kilburn
ken lee , I am afraid you got it wrong this time this photo was about 1935/7 as I recognise Eddie Lennon, Willie Flaxington and quite a few more and they were only in the class above mine and by 1952 i was married so either you are mistaken about the dates before you looked on your tablet or you don't recognise your own photo
29 July 2019
Ken Lee
Ken Lee
The truth of the matter is that these two photos were taken years apart. My comments relate to the top photo and Janet O'Carroll confirms my observations. I may be getting on a bit, but I can still recognise my own photo!! 😀
30 July 2019
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