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Sharpe Firth, Mr and Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. Sharpe Firth

Mr and Mrs Sharpe Firth
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
Mr and Mrs Sharpe Firth, they lived on Swaine Hill.
Mrs Firth has very long hair which is braided and appears to have pearls or beads entwined in it.
Mr Firth was a partner in the shuttle making business of Milner and Firth.
   The business was founded in Bradford in 1866 but later relocated to Yeadon, based in one of the old areas of Manor Mill and then to a site behind the Robin Hood Inn.
In 1930 the works became the business of Duncan Yeadon and Rowland Marshall and were absorbed into Mitchell and Sons of Killinghall Mills.
The wooden section of the shuttles were manufactured at Killinghall then finished in Yeadon.
The company closed in 1958.

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