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Salvation Army Band

Salvation Army Band
Salvation Army Band
Salvation Army Band
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
F081 & B417
Top: A once familiar sight on Sundays, this is the Yeadon Salvation Army Band.
At the back, holding trumpets are, on the left Mrs Watson then Hilda Ives George Stocks and Tommy Smith.
On the left of the middle row the drummer is ? Yeadon the man on his right is not named. Next, Florrie Rillington, the Flag Sergeant is not named, Mary Allen is wearing the large hat and Walter Vickery is on the right.
On the front row there are too few names for the number of men, in the centre is Captain Dennis, the boy on the right is J Hawkins.
Other names given are Walter Varley Albert Pearson Mr Vickery and Ernest Wright who was the bandmaster.

Bottom: In 1883 a Major Cadman arrived in Yeadon with the new religious movement. One of the converts to Salvationism was Martha Chippendale who was awarded an M B E for her devoted work with servicemen during the First World War.
Especially popular were the Salvation Army Bands who would play on street corners and at outdoor services.



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