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Primitive Methodists

Primitive Methodists
Primitive Methodists, Yeadon.
Primitive Methodists
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
E357 Donated by Brenda Mawson
D449 Donated by Brenda Mawson
1: A group of people in costume who belonged to the Primitive Methodist Chapel.
The man in the middle of the back row was Plinney Hudson, one of the women on the left was Ethel Wilkinson.
On the right at the end of the front row wearing a bonnet was Ethel Vickers, standing next to her is Barbara Coupland.

2: This group were called "The Merry Japs".
The description given by Brenda Mawson is that the 3rd from front is Lizzie and the 1st on the middle row is Maude Coates, Brenda's grandmother

3:This group of people were members of the Primitive Methodist Church, they are all dressed in Biblical costumes except for a man on the back row.

4: A Nativity play produced by the Primitive Methodists.
5: Cast of a play, on the back row from left to right are : Valerie Pennett and Robert Bashworth.
In front are Ted Mould and Jean Mawson
6: A group of young people, in the second row, on the left are Maude and Gladdie (Gladstone) Mawson.

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