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Park View Methodist Chapel

Park View Methodist Chapel
Park View Methodist ChapelPark View Methodist Chapel
Park View Methodist Chapel
Date As Shown
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
B206 + B207 & B209
1983: Wooden font with a prayer stool on the left, the organ pipes can be seen with the board on the wall for hymn numbers.
This Arts and Crafts style chapel was fortunately not demolished after closure but converted into apartments.

1983: Exterior of Park View Chapel, situated on Dibb Lane, after closure this building became residential apartments.

1983:  West side of Park View Chapel, these were the Sunday School rooms.
A parked car has the registration number WWX 557L


C1950: A social event for the Park View Methodist Chapel Old Time Dancing Club, named as follows :

Back row left to right :   ?       ?      ?      ?       John Fletcher      Holly Rhodes     Walt Hartley

Middle row left to right :   ?     Lena Sugden     Harold Pitts     Ivy ?     ?      Doris Hartley

Front left to right :   ?    Edith Pitts    Emma Fletcher     ?     Grace Rhodes    Alice Hey    Ted Hey

Donated by Maureen Monteith nee Pitts


Undated: Park View Methodist Chapel, now converted into apartments (2019)

Donated by Philip Archdale


Undated: Chapel members in costume for a pantomime.


Rae Pratt
Rae Pratt
I was a member of Park View Church, in Oct. we will celebrate our Diamond Wedding Anniversay.
On the photograph of the dance club, the man on back right is Walt Hartley ( not Hastley)
Middle row right is his wife Doris Hartley, ( they had a garage -I think up Henshaw)
4th lady from left middle row is Ivy Keighley.
Grace Rhodes, Ivy Keighley and Dois Hartley were sisters.
I worked for Harry Rhodes at Springhead Mills Guiseley in the late 50's
23 June 2019
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