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Pantomime Dancers 1930s

Pantomime Dancers
Pantomime Dancers
Pantomime Dancers
Date 1930s
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
C085 & M200
Top: A local pantomime production, the male dancer was Joe Blackburn.
Some of the ladies have been named, from left to right:
Minnie Balmforth: ?: ?: ?: Hilda Elliot: ? Ibbotson: Mary Walton: ?: ? Flesher

Bottom: Young dancers and older performers, the girls wearing cowboy hats were, from left to right: Lilian Ibbetson   Myra Hudson   Hilda Elliot   Renee Yeadon   Jenny Mitchell   Mary Walton   Mimi Balmforth   Renee Jeffries   Madge Naylor

I knew most of the girls named in the cowboy hats and I think I can name three of the girls in the bottom row 3rd from left Jean Holdroyd , 4th from right Audrey Dreze, 5th from right Pat Wallis If any body can correct me I will stand corrected
21 July 2013
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