Aireborough Historical Society

Olive Harrison 1947

609 coy R.A.S.C c(m)t
Date August 1947
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
CH097 & CH098     Donated by Carlo Harrison
Top: Letter To Olive Harrison (1) Yeadon
"609 coy R.A.S.C c(m)t
Clifton Aerodrome, York
Miss Olive Harrison, 16 Lower Queen Street, Yeadon, Nr Leeds
Dear Miss Harrison,
                             This unit is sponsoring a concert at the Rialto Cinema York, in aid of the R.A.S.C Benevolent Fund. The main item on the programme will be the R.A.S.C Regimental Band which has recently been playing at Olympia. We are endeavoring to fill the bill by asking one or two artistes to give their services. Mr Donald Peers of radio renown, has kindly consented to come along.
                            Mr Carroll Levis has written to say that he will be very pleased to render any assistance possible and has given your name as one of his "discoveries" who might be willing to help us.Naturally, all your expenses will be paid and we should be glad if you would accept our hospitality on the evening of the concert.
                          Perhaps you could let me know at your earliest convenience whether you can assist us as I am very anxious to go ahead with the publicity.
                                       Your sincerely
                                                W D N Mitchell"   

Bottom: " Major W D N Mitchell R.A.S.C
609 coy R.A.S.C c(m)t
Clifton Aerodrome , York

Miss Olive Harrison, 16 Lower Queen Street, Yeadon, Nr Leeds
Dear Miss Harrison,
             I was so pleased to receive your letter, and to know that you had enjoyed your visit to York so much.
I would like to say how much your coming over last Sunday and helping us at the concert was appreciated. I think I can say that the concert was a great success and your contribution played no small part in making it one. I trust that all the arrangements were to your satisfaction. If at any future date a similar concert is organised, I will most certainly get in touch with you again.
              Thanking you once again,
                                                      W D N Mitchell"


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