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Martha Chippindale M.B.E.

Martha Chippindale

Martha Chippindale M.B.E.
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
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A169 + G400 + G401
1: The Salvation Army was founded in 1865 by William Booth and his wife Catherine, a Protestant religion.
Charity and the care of others are strong ethics of the Salvation Army, Booth organised his followers on pseudo military lines believing that an army was needed to fight for good.
Salvationism arrived in Yeadon in 1883 led by Major Cadman and his "Hallelujah soldiers".
The lively meetings accompanied by music were popular and a success in drawing in new followers.
One convert was 16 year old Martha Chippindale, a weaver at Murgatroyd's Moorfield Mill.
A Yeadon branch of the Army was formed and Martha joined them, leaving her work at the mill.
When her father died Martha decided to devote her life to the Salvation Army and went to London to train as an officer, becoming a Brigadier.
She was awarded an M.B.E for the work she had done during the First World War in the East End of London, caring for servicemen in hostels and clubs.
In 1926 Martha came back to Yeadon for a holiday and died suddenly aged 59.
All the mills closed on the day of her funeral, such was the high regard she had been held in by Yeadon people.
4 & 5: Two articles which were published in the Wharfedale Observer about Martha Chippindale, she featured in the 1st WW display which Aireborough Historical Society staged for National Heritage Day.

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