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Manor Mill (section 2)

Scribbling , Manor Mill
Scribbling , Manor MillManor Mill, Yeadon.
Manor Mill
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
X015 + X016 + DD004 + DD010
K116 + L108 & K169     Donated by John Hellawell
J491     Donated by John Hellawell.
M372 + M374

1 & 2: Scribbling machines at Manor Mill.
The process of scribbling produces a long continuous strand of fibre which is twisted into yarn during the spinning process.

3: Looking down through girders into a yard.

4: The man is operating a winding balloon, a device for winding yarn onto the spindles at the correct tension.
5: This image is included in an album of Manor Mill photos. Presumably J W Crawford, Joseph Peel, Stephen Teal and Alfred Slater were all senior staff or had connections with the business.

6: A woman is filling the scribbling machine with wool.
7: This photograph of the mill was included in an album donated by John Hellawell
8: An interior view of James Ives' Manor Mill, a workman can be seen beside an engine.
9: Winding bobbins from a spinning wheel, this hand process pre-dates the mechanisation of the factory system and was included in an album of Manor Mill photos.

10: This was the main mill building.

11: The main mill building and on the right a subsidiary building with a curved roof.


2017: "Kate"

The donor of this artefact, Joan Wilkinson, told us her Godfather Peter Jibson  worked in the offices at the mill for many years.

When the mill closed he was asked if there was anything he would like as a keepsake, he decided on this brass plaque which had been mounted on the engine called "Kate", it used to be visible from the street when passing the mill.

He had it mounted and it hung in his home for the next 30 years.

     Peter died in 1989, his wife Marie passed away recently.

Joan adds that the time is right to pass this precious relic into the safe keeping of the AHS.


C1900: Image from the lens of E E Slater which shows a corner in the mill with machinery and various items.


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