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Manor Mill 1900 (part 4)

Manor Mill
Date C1900
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
K489 + K495 + K497     From an album donated by John Hellawell
L263 + L275 + L284 + L295 + L307 + L313 + L323 + L329 + L332 + L336     Photographer E E Slater and some also from an album donated by John Hellawell
1: Power looms in the mill.
2: An operative is feeding fabric into a pressing machine.
3: This was the rag grinding area of the mill, the rags would be used in the manufacture of  fabrics such as "shoddy", an inferior cloth.

4: Power looms in the mill.
5: Pressing cloth in the mill.
6: A rag grinding machine and piles of rags, the fibers would be used in the manufacture of "shoddy" cloth.

7: "Scotch feeds" or Blamires machines being used in the mill, the feeder is a carriage beneath a conveyor which delivers fibres in an even fashion.
8: Area in the mill filled with scribbling machines.
9: The mill blacksmith's shop which would provide metal work and repair items for the mill.
10: Two men at work, their task is described as "spilling", photo taken by E E Slater.
11: A mill operative warp dressing, the warp threads run lengthwise through fabric, the weft threads are woven through horizontally.
12: Warp twisting, the warp is the lengthwise thread through which the weft horizontal thread is woven.
13: Warp dressing.

C1900: Two men inspect the finished cloth, this glass slide was taken by Ernest E Slater and has not been restored.


C1900: Image taken by Ernest E Slater on a slide which shows damage to the edges. 


C1900: Installation of a new boiler for the mill, photo taken by mill manager E E Slater, the slide is in its original condition and has not been restored.


C1900: Warping department, photographer E E Slater


Bales of wool in the mill warehouse.


Looms in Manor Mill.

Slide view taken by E E Slater.


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