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Low Hall 1971

Low HallLow Hall
Low Hall
Low Hall
Date 15th May 1971
Location Yeadon
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A029 - A030 - A031
This ancient house is situated on Gill Lane, it is a Grade 11 listed building.
It is possible it replaced an older home on the site.
In 1624 the influential Marshall family of Yeadon built this house, in 1650 it was sold to William Sale for £800.
Sale sold it back to the Marshalls eight years later, making a profit of £25.
An impressive porch in front of the house is believed to have been brought by William Sale from Esholt Priory after the Dissolution of the Monastries, he put up a date stone "WS 1658".
The house remained in the Marshall family, in 1876 it was restored by John Marshall Barwick.
A descendant of the Marshall family was John Marshall who built the famous Egyptian style flax mill in Holbeck, Leeds which is still standing.




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