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Leeds Bradford Airport 2015

Leeds Bradford Airport
Date June 2015
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
L098     Photographer Dennis Court
I471 to I475     Photographer kelly Chadwick
1: A Monarch aircraft landing at the airport, seen from Rawdon Cricket Club.

2 - 6:  March 2015 Views from the control tower taken by Kelly Chadwick on a visit to the airport.
Image I472 has Yeadon Cemetery in the background, I473 looks across to Cookridge where the water tower and communications mast can be seen.
The mast was erected in the 1960s, the base is 192 metres  above sea level and it is one of 12 BT towers to be constructed of reinforced concrete.
During the Cold War period of the 1950s a system of microwave radio links known as "Backbone" was set up across the UK, because of their resilience to nuclear attack communication would have been able to  continue.
The Cookridge tower was one of these links but the original purpose and technology were soon outdated.
It is still used by British Telecom (2015)
     Images I474 / I475 show the entrance to Yeadon Cemetery on Cemetery Road, Jet2 and Ryanair aircraft are also seen in the photos.

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