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Haworth Court Demolition 2015

Haworth Court Demolition
Date January 2015
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
I170 + I171 & I172     Photographer Emily May Brimecombe
I188     Photographer Edwy Harling
N235 to N238 + K289 + K299 + K309     Photographer Joanne Coultas
1,2 & 3: Demolition of the sheltered housing complex almost completed, the third image reveals a view hidden for many years.

4: Haworth Court sheltered housing complex has been demolished, it will be replaced by new facilities providing housing for those who need support.

5:6:7: & 8: The site of Haworth Court being cleared, a new development for people with extra needs  is being built here.
9: The final phase in the demolition of the sheltered housing complex, the clock tower of the Town Hall can be seen.
10 & 11: Only one block remains of Haworth Court, the rest of the site has been cleared.

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