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High Street 1900

High Street
High Street
Date 1900
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
SL008 + D318 + K712    Photographer E. E. Slater, originally taken onto glass slides.

1: View of the High Street taken by local photographer E.E. Slater.
The boy is outside the premises of  E. Marshall, house furnisher and picture framer, the shop to the right is a ladies and gents outfitters.

2: It is thought people are queuing outside the old Post Office.
3: Looking up the High Street, c1900, on the left is Rawdon Co-op store at the corner with Marshall Street, then the Lecture Hall, next Albert Mill then Albert Square (not in view) and the Upper High Street. 



The two houses with the lower roofline is where Lloyds Chemist now stands, and I believe that the Post Office had a phone, you can see the connection on the wall over the door, they look as if they are just opening hence the queue. Looking at the costumes I would put it a bit later.
11 December 2014
Looking at Photo 2: The people are looking dressed for the occasion, whatever it is. Also, the telephone/telegraph connection noted by Hannah has no wires attached. So, has the Post Office vacated, and what were the premises used for next? Anybody?
13 November 2020
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