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Grand Concert Programme 1883

Grand Concert Programme
Date 10th February 1883
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
HL140 to HL153
The Concert was staged by the Yeadon Band of Hope and the programme (in poor condition) lists the items with words and music.

Words and music for "Pity Ye", "Sleighing Song" and "Busy Little Mother", the latter also has a list of actions to accompany the song.

Words and Music for "Joy Bells", "The Boatman's Song" and "You'll Never Be Sorry", the latter is a call to sign the pledge of abstinence from alcohol which was the purpose of the Band of Hope.

Words and music for the "Vesper Hymn" and "The Water Party", an exhortation to forgo alcohol. The Band of Hope was a temperance movement.

Words and music for "The Temperance Banner", "Sad is a Drunkard's Life" and "Needle and Thread".


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