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Gill Lane 2013

Gill Lane, Yeadon.

Gill Lane
Date 2013
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
FB455 + C486 + C487 + C488 + C489 & C490     Photographer Joanne Coultas
1: The road surface collapsed after heavy rain, the road closure ran from just past Highfield to the junction of Warm Lane / Gill Lane.
It is proposed that over 400 houses are to be built in this area over the next 15 years (August 2013).
2: This is the lower end of the Lane, the photographer Joanne Coultas is standing with her back to the railway bridge.

3: The beginning of Gill Lane at the junction with Henshaw Lane, on the left is the old Church of England School which was built in 1847, it is now the premises of a car spares business (April 2014).
This is the building which is supposedly haunted, at some time in the past a horse was pulling a cart load of barrels down the lane when it bolted.
The driver was unseated as the cart collided with the corner of the building and thrown through a window, he died.
After this tragic accident the window was boarded up but later was opened up again when the premises were used by a sheet metal company.
It was then that odd things began to happen; objects were thrown into the air and furniture moved around, people were so convinced that the building was haunted that the local vicar was summoned to perform an exorcism!

4: Gill Lane seen from New Road (A65) which splits Gill Lane into 2 sections, this is the "nether" or low Yeadon half.
The Yeadon and Guiseley Gasworks was located to the left,it is now the site of the Pennythorn estate.

5: Seen from New Road (A65) this is the "Henshaw" section of Gill Lane, to the left is Meays butcher's shop also Dinsdale Buildings which are not in view.
To the right is the Woolpack Hotel.


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