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First Tram to Yeadon 1909

First Tram to Yeadon
First Tram to Yeadon
First Tram to Yeadon
Date 26th May 1909
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
A212 & A213
This was the beginning of the tram service between Yeadon/Rawdon and Leeds, on the 30th June 1909 the service was extended to Guiseley.
To mark the inauguration of the tram service 3 special cars were run out from Leeds. The cost to each township for the service was a payment of £400 to Leeds. Unfortunately this is not a very clear image.

This is the junction of Green Lane and New Road Side (A65).
Benton Congregational Church and Manse are on the right.
All 3 of the decorated trams which ran to Yeadon on that day are in view here, amidst a throng of on lookers.
The trams ran until October 1934 when buses were put onto the route.
The tram lines are still under the tarmac on New Road Side, they can be seen when major road works are carried out.


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