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First Communion 1962

First Communion
Date 24th June 1962
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
H080 & H081     Images donated by David Baxter
First Communion group of St Peter and Saint Paul's Roman Catholic Church, the donor of the photo, David Baxter points out that he is the boy wearing a pullover 3rd in from the left, 2nd and 5th from the left wearing white shirts and ties are twin boys who he thinks were called Meeson.
They would have been aged about 7, some of the boys are holding their communion certificates, the girls are busy tying to hold onto their veils!
    All the children attended the same church but as there was no primary school attached their parents had a choice of sending them to local schools or further afield to a Catholic school, David and his brother went to St Mary's RC school in Horsforth they were transported on Samuel Ledgard's School Specials.
The family moved to Bradford in 1963 so the details on David's certificate were never completed.
He thinks he met the Meeson brothers again when they were pupils at St Bedes Grammar School, Bradford.

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