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Fire Brigade Yeadon Aerodrome (LBA)

Fire Brigade Yeadon Aerodrome (LBA) Pre 1939
Fire Brigade Yeadon Aerodrome (LBA)Fire Crew, Yeadon Aerodrome
Fire Brigade Yeadon Aerodrome (LBA)
Date Thought to be Pre 1939
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
B476 + C237 & FBA317     Donated by Michael Clements
Top: Vehicles used by the Fire Brigade, Laurie Clements, grandfather of the donor of this image, was one of the firemen at this time.

Middle: In the centre of this group of firemen is Laurie Clements, his grandson Michael Clements donated the image.

Bottom: The man 3rd from the left is Laurie Clements of Coppice Wood Grove Guiseley.
He married an Italian lady, this formed a link with the family of Carlo Harrison who's father married an Italian woman, the two families were friends. Laurie had a son, Frank, his son Michael is the donor of the image.


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