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Edwardian Carnival Day 1990

Edwardian Carnival Day
Date 1990
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
EE031 + EE032 + EE033 & EE034
Top: Steam engine U7148 belonging to Mitchell of Guiseley.

Upper Middle: Morris Men performing a dance on the High Street.
This form of folk dance has it's origins in the 15th century, there are all male, mixed or all female teams or sides.
Different regions have their own dances and styles of dress which  may include clogs, bell pads, waist-coats, knee breeches, straw, top, or bowler hats and handkerchiefs, sticks are a common prop.  

Lower Middle: A troupe of majorettes parading down the High Street.

Bottom: A banner for Leafield Mill can be seen behind the girl at the front. This was a contingent of mainly children dressed to represent the mill workers.
On the right another banner for "The Oldest Fish and Chip Shop", a claim made by the fish shop on Sandy Way.

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