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Cricket Club

Cricket Club
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
The information with this photograph stated that it was Green Lane Cricket Club.
As you can see from our facebook comments that location is in doubt.
  • Jamie Davey It is definitely Norman...

    Lawrence Walker Ah, thought you would know Hodgey, I know Norman told me many times he had played in the same team as as Kevin's Dad, and that he coached Kevin as a lad!!

    Lawrence Walker I don't think it is Green Lane Mark, I agree it does look like Norman but this photo would be before he joined GL, he didn't come on the scene until 1973

    David Hodgson Think it is Woodhouse back row slightly right of Norman is Gordon Sharp (Kevin's dad) and I think the one with glasses to the left of Norman is Barry Walden end of front row to the right is Terry Keir I Think?

    Simon Ross Norman Holroyd

    Mary Cross Not Green Lane.

    Mark Forkin Holdroyd?? I think that's it but my brain might be stuck.

    Mark Forkin Front centre I think it's Norman ..... surname escapes me at the mo'!

    Steve Thompson Correct David, Norman played with Woodhouse before joining Green Lane.

    Adam Dixon It does look like Norman


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