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Chit Chat 2014

Chit Chat
Date 24th May 2014
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
E290 + E291 + E292 & E293     Images donated by Joyce Banks & Carlo Harrison
An event held by Aireborough Historical Society in co-operation with Yeadon Methodist Church, images from the photographic archive of AHS were screened on to a wall, greatly enlarged.
Coffee/tea were  available provided by members of the church for £1, it was the first time this type of event had been held, it gave people who perhaps did not have access to the AHS website and Facebook page the opportunity to see and chat about the images. Over 85 people attended and £100 was raised for the Methodist Church bus fund, further "Chit Chat" events are planned for the future.
The next Chit Chat will be on Saturday 29th November


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