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Chapel Hill Trustees

Chapel Hill Trustees
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
B331 & R001
Top: Large group of Trustees outside the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Chapel Hill.
Bottom: The Trustees of the chapel on Chapel Hill were :
Herbert Law, George Rhodes, Tom C Jackson, Herbert Mankin, Raymond Wagstaff, Robert Peel, Sydney Rhodes, Stanley Walker, Wilfred Hudson, Fred Walker, Ted Summers, Edgar Clapham, Sam Waite, Willie Stott, Ernest E Jackson, Rev. H R Rowe and Eric Myers.


Top Photo has 1909 in the corner possibly date

Bottom photo my Uncle Eric Myers front row second from right and his brother in law was Wilfred Hudson but not sure if same one or which man on photo. I know they were staunch Methodists and attended Chapel Hill I used to be reluctantly taken there to see the performance of the Messiah, Eric was a very well known local singer.
07 January 2020
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