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AVRO Female Military Personnel 1939-45

AVRO Female Military Personnel
Date 1939-45
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
D230 + D231 + D233 & D234     Donated by Colleen Boulton
Top: A line-up of military personnel in the vicinity of the AVRO factory.
In 1939 when war commenced a contingent of 52 WAAFS were stationed at the airport, 4 officers and 48 other ranks.

Upper Middle: A group of WAAFS or ATS who were stationed at the airport.
Donated by Colleen Boulton

Lower Middle: Two girls who were working at the AVRO, possibly military personnel (they are wearing shirts and ties under their overalls)

Bottom: A group of women who worked at the AVRO, Mary Bland is on the left.  
The reverse has the address 4 Alva Terrace Guiseley which was the home of the grandfather of the donator of this image, Colleen Boulton


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