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Army Recruitment Contingent 1915

Army Recruitment Contingent 1915
Army Recruitment Contingent 1915Army Recruitment Contingent, Yeadon. 1915
Army Recruitment Contingent
Date September 1915
Location Yeadon
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SL038 + SL039 + SL062 + SL068 & SL093     These photographs were originally taken onto a glass slides by E.E.Slater of Hopeville, Yeadon.

They have been digitally transferred for us by John Hobson

1: Headed by drummers a contingent of soldiers march through Yeadon watched by crowds of onlookers.
This was part of a recruitment drive to encourage men to join the Army.

2: The soldiers are parading on land outside Westfield Mills on Kirk Lane.
By 1915 it was obvious that voluntary recruitment was not providing enough men, in July of that year the Government had passed the National Registration Act to stimulate recruitment and also to ascertain how many men aged 15 - 85 were employed as tradesmen.
The findings of this census led to compulsory conscription in January 1916. Westfield Mill was one of the many local mills, pubs, clubs etc which formed fund raising drives to provide comforts and help for the families of servicemen, theirs was "Westfield Mill Soldiers and Sailors Charity"

3: Soldiers marching towards Kirk Lane on a recruitment drive. Voluntary recruitment ended in January 1916 when the Military Service Act was introduced, single men between the ages of 19-41 were conscripted into service, the age was lowered to 18 in May 1916 and then also included married men.

4: The location is a field on Kirk Lane, the troops are resting after a march through the town followed by drill and speeches in the field.
On the left is a building now used for equipment hire (Oct 2013), this is at the corner with Walkers Row, the wall in the background surrounded the mill pond for Manor Mill.

5: This Army contingent had been brought to Yeadon on a recruitment drive, in this scene the men are marching off down Kirk Lane from fields in front of Westfield Mills.


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