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Albert Square 1907

Albert Square Title
Albert Square
Date 1907
Location Yeadon
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On the left is a shop (now an off-licence), it was built with recycled stone from the Pick and Hammer Inn which was on Harrogate Road, Carlton.
The Inn had a bad reputation being frequented by poachers and other nefarious characters, it was demolished in 1883.
The mill chimney and building are part of the Crompton Mill, built in 1869 by the Crompton Mill Company, this is on Cemetery Road.
On the right edge is the Albert Inn, the street just to the right of the Albert is Club Row.
Around the time this photo was taken the landlord of the Albert was Joe Slater, in 1926 alterations were made to the public house.




On the left between the New Inn and the Crompton Mill you can just see the gable end of two houses which are the end two of a long row called Worlds End, this land has not been built on but is used as a parking area and storage.
These houses were some of the oldest in Yeadon and did appear on the 1841 Census.
26 June 2015
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