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Air Supply 1996-2002

Air Supply
Air SupplyAir SupplyAir Supply
Air Supply
Date 1996-2002
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
FB189 + FB190 + Fb191 & FB192 Donated by Ken Cothliff
Top: Air supply shop and van, business of Ken Cothliff on Yeadon High Street.

Upper Middle: Air Supply shop, then located at 83B High Street, above the shop is a "To Let" sign.
"Bike Wear" shop is to the right.

Lower Middle: The van was taking part in Yeadon Carnival, the shop at 97 High Street is in the background.

Bottom: Air Supply was the business of Ken Cothliff, after having a concession stand at Leeds Bradford Airport he took over a shop at 83B High Street which had been opened by Andy Rackham and Mike Dixon.
That was in 1994, two years later the business was moved to 97 High Street when the new premises were given a grand opening by RAF top scoring Spitfire pilot Air Vice Marshall J E "Johnnie" Johnson, seen here on the left. Ken Cothliff is on the right. 
Ken Cothliff

1.     Air Supply – was founded in 1988 by Mike Dixon and Andy Rackham and opened shop at 83B High Street. Business acquired by Ken Cothliff in February 1994. Moved to No.96 High St.,  July 1996. Closed November 2009


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