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AHS Excursion  Staffordshire
Date Undated
Location Burton Abbey
Photo ID     W211

Mrs Joan Everson is in the centre of a group of members on a footbridge in the grounds of Burton Abbey Staffordshire. Burton Abbey was founded in 1003 as a Benedictine Monastery.


Photo ID    W218

Venue unknown - 1972 

A few members enjoying pre dinner drinks. They may have been away on an AHS excursion.


Photo ID    W219

 Evening Dinner1972

The same group of members now enjoying their dinner. 



Photo ID    S095

Yorkshire Dales - 1972

Picnic time, members on a trip to Arncliffe in Littondale, stop for a rest and refreshments by the river.

Photo ID    S292

Hadrians Wall - 1974 

Members on a visit



Photo ID    S293

Having a break whilst visiting Hadrians Wall and a photo opportunity

Photo ID    S294

Harewood House - 1975 

Members enjoyed a visit to Harewood House, the house was designed by John Carr and Robert Adams for Edwin Lascelles.

The house was built 1759-1771 and the grounds were landscaped by Lancelot "Capability" Brown.

Photo ID    Z198

 AHS Archive Room Yeadon Town Hall - Undated

Seated is Christine Spink and stood behind is Bob Girt. 

Christine was AHS President 2005-2007.



Photo ID    S225

Fountains Abbey Ripon - 1976

Members enjoyed a tour of Fountains Abbey



Photo ID    S227

Fountains Abbey 




Photo ID    S228  Fountains Abbey 
Photo ID    S231 Fountains Abbey 
Photo ID    S232  Fountains Abbey
Photo ID    S233  Fountains Abbey 
Photo ID    S234  Fountains Abbey 

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