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Aireborough Historical Society (AHS) Events

Date 1957 - Present
Location Aireborough
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The society was founded in 1957, the aim is to preserve the history of Aireborough for future generations.
Over the years members have attended excursions to various places of interest, taken part in local walks and enjoyed the annual AHS lunch.
The archive team based in Yeadon Town Hall plus members and volunteers organise Heritage day exhibitions of the society's artefacts and take part in various Aireborough community events with displays of artefacts, photos and ephemera.
Photo ID    S438
Nostell Priory -1963 

AHS members visit to Nostell Priory
Photo ID    S378
Lincoln - 1964 

AHS excursion to Lincoln 
Members enjoying a visit to Lincoln Castle
Photo ID    S379

AHS members browsing the Lincoln antique shop which was the home of Aaron the Jew.


Photo ID    W214
AHS Annual Lunch - 1967 

Four AHS members entertaining the AHS diners by performing as a barber shop Quartet


 Photo ID    W215

Mr Schofield performing as one of the barber shop Quartet.



Photo ID    W216

Mr Schofield and Mr Sunderland entertaining the other members as part of the barber shop Quartet.

Photo ID    W217

Mr Pickard along with Mr & Mrs Schofield also provided entertainment at the AHS Annual Lunch



 Photo ID    W257

Clumber Park - 1968 

AHS members on an excursion to Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire


Photo ID    N405
 Garden Centre AHS visit - Undated

Two members Betty and Jeff taking a break whilst visiting the garden centre .

Photo ID     N458

AHS Boat trip - Undated 

Janet Finey enjoying the boat trip


Photo ID    P127

AHS Archive Room  Yeadon Town Hall - Undated

Jessie Jordan a former member with others, volunteering in the archive room.


Photo ID    P375

AHS walk - Undated - 

Some members Joan ?, Iris ? and Mrs Davis enjoying the walk.



Photo ID    R500

Chatsworth House Derbyshire - Undated 

On a trip to Chatsworth here are some members admiring the Chatsworth water feature.


Photo ID    S318

Hull - Undated 

Members had a visit to Hull.


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