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Aerial View Post 1935

Aerial View of Yeadon
Aerial View
Date Post 1935
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
C241 + C242 + C246 + C248 & C249
1: Aerial views of the district which centre on Yeadon, the poster was distributed "With the Compliments of the Yeadon and Guiseley Gas Company, Yeadon"

2: The central image of a poster which was presented by the Yeadon and Guiseley Gas Company.
This is a view of the gasworks which was situated on New Road/Warm Lane, Yeadon.
New.Road runs from the top left corner to the right, St John's Church can be seen in the top right corner.
Warm Lane cuts across New Road then runs between the cottages on the left and the white buildings which are part of the gasworks, the largest being the retort house.
     The site was originally owned by Richard Barwick of Low Hall, he was the first Chairman of the Gas Company when it was founded in 1845. The works continued to produce Towns Gas until the advent of North Sea Gas, the works were demolished in February 1968, housing is now on the site (March 2014).
It is said that "Yeadon" was painted on the gasometer  as a navigation marker for aircraft flying in and out of what was then Yeadon Aerodrome.

3: Two views of Yeadon, on the left is Nether or Lower Yeadon, New Road runs vertically from top to bottom.
The Yeadon and Guiseley Gasworks is to the left,  the view on the right is of the town centre.
Running top to bottom is a section of the High Street with the Town Hall on the right. Next, Town Street or the Steep as it is called locally which continues down to Kirk Lane, here, Manor Mill is on the left, the Temperance Hall is to the right with the Old Dog Mill behind it.
      To the side of the Town Hall is the Primitive Methodist Chapel with the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and Burial Ground behind it.
Harper Lane is on the right, in between the main streets are the  yards, alleys and small enclaves which created the jumbled mazes which comprised the old areas of the town.
The photos were on a poster distributed by the Yeadon and Guiseley Gas Company.

4: This photo was one of several on a poster distributed by the Yeadon and Guiseley Gas Company.
The Gasworks is in the centre, to the left is New Road, in the top left is Sizers Hill at the bottom of Henshaw Lane.
Warm Lane begins on Henshaw Lane where the old Church of England School is at the right corner (now an Auto Spares business, March 2014) and continues down to cut across New Road and go below the Gasworks.

5: Properties on Warm Lane, a portion of the Gasworks can be seen in the top right corner.
Published on a poster for the Yeadon and Guiseley Gasworks Company.