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Harrison, Carlo

Carlo Harrison
Carlo HarrisonCarlo HarrisonCarlo Harrison
Carlo Harrison
Date Born 21st May 1947
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
CH151 + CH152 + K067 + E403 & C485    Donated by Carlo Harrison
1: Carlo Harrison aged 1 year riding his "Bronco" horse, made by the Mobo company they were a very popular toy. 
The horses were painted grey and white with spring mountings, this enabled the horse to move when a "canter" motion was employed.

2: Carlo's mother was an Italian lady who had come to Yeadon 16 months before the photo was taken. 
In her homeland it was the custom not to cut a boy's hair before he was 2 years old hence Carlo's flowing locks!
3: Photo taken in the Westfield area c1950, on the left is Mable Harrison, right is Ersilia Harrison with her son Carlo Harrison.
4: John Denison and Sam Kilburn, Yeadon
These two men have contributed many memories and images to the AHS website. Both born in 1926, they attended South View School together before they lost touch with each other. Sam joined the Home Guard and then went into the Navy, John joined the Army and eventually settled in Salisbury. The pair recognised each other on the website and were reunited.
     John had recalled memories of watching magic lantern shows at home with his dad and offered his slides to AHS, he came to Yeadon in person to hand them to Carlo Harrison, they met in the Clothiers Arms for lunch and Sam joined them. It was a memorable reunion as the two old pals had not seen each other for 74 years! In spite of them both now being aged 88 years of age they recognised each other immediately.
Carlo Harrison on the left and John Denison on the right
5: On the left is Christine Lovedale, then Vera Firth with Carlo Harrison on the right. 



July 30th 2015: Carlo is archivist for the Aireborough Historical Society, he is holding a parchment document used in a talk which he gave at Leeds City Museum titled "Archiving the Past for the Future".

The lecture was illustrated with photos and artefacts from the Society collection to demonstrate the importance of why we archive.

The photo was published in the Yorkshire Evening Post to publicise the event.


2015: Carlo Harrison on the left is handing a book of fine art prints of Kirkstall Abbey to Patrick Bourne of Abbey House Museum, a gift from AHS.


April 2016: Rufford Park School, Yeadon

Carlo Harrison talking to schoolchildren about Victorian Yeadon.

Donated by Carlo Harrison


November 2016: Carlo Harrison giving a talk about archiving at Leeds City Museum.

Photographer Avril Harrison


November 2016: Idle Primary School, Bradford.

A thank you card sent to Avril & Carlo Harrison by the school pupils following a talk on Victorian children.

Donated by Carlo Harrison

June 1962: Job Application Letter, Guiseley

Donated by Carlo Harrison who said "I was 15 years old (just, born in May), after being shown round I had another interview then started work in the Pattern Room with Eric Hogben as my boss.

The Managing Director of Peates was Andrew Young and the Works Manager Mr Cole, his son Jack worked in the dye house".


11th December 2017: Town Hall, Yeadon

In the main hall are on the left, Carlo Harrison and Gerald Long on the right. Carlo had been asked to switch on the Tree of Lights and also give a short talk.


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