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Brown, Ben

Ben Brown

Ben Brown
1: 1904
2: 1910
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
A139 & A141
1: Ben Brown outside his mother's green grocery shop on the Green, leaning nonchalantly on a pile of boxes and baskets.
His horse and cart were used for deliveries and for door to door sales, the pan on weighing scales is at the back of the cart on the left.
Rabbits are hung on a rail stretched across the cart and also outside the shop.
Rabbit was a cheap popular meat at a time when chickens and turkeys were mostly reserved for Christmas, not made readily available by factory farming.
An outbreak of the disease Myxomatosis began in Britain in 1953 and killed 99% of wild rabbits.
Only recently has it been championed by TV chefs.
The shop on the right was the business of Walter Clayton a Mill Furnisher and Commission Agent.
2: Ben Brown stands with his horse and cart decorated for Yeadon Carnival. 
The Brown family had a greengrocers shop on the Green. 
Money raised would go to the Hospital Fund.
The young man holding the horses head was Harry Shuttleworth.

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