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Airton, Elsie

Elsie Airton

Elsie Airton
Date Undated
Location Yeadon
Photo ID
D377 Image donated by Paul Airton
Comment Elsie Airton is the paternal great aunt of the donor of the image, Paul Airton.

facebook comments:
  • Sylvia Airton Elsie was my husband's aunt but the name has been spelt incorrect it should be AIRTON . It is ten years since Ron died, and I have been working on the family tree for over 20 years, so I will look up Marilla Airton's name the next time I go on line to see if you Terrence are related. A Member of the Airton family who lives in Dorset has done a one name family tree you might be able to find it on line, he is related to our family but way back 3generations.

    Shirley Perrin What a beautiful young woman! Such treasure!:))

    Terrence Broomfield My Gran was called Marilla Aireton from Yeadon,married Joseph Wilson.I wonder if we are related ?


Thanks Carlo! You already have an earlier photo of Elsie in your archives - she's in the photo you have of Hudsons Yard.
Thanks for sharing.
23 March 2015
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