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W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. (1)

W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd.
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
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W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. - Undated 
A brief history:
W.B.Cartwright & Co, Ltd, were manufacturing chemists (William Bramwell Cartwright resided at Cragmere, in Rawdon), based in part of the old Larkfield Mill premises.  This image shows W B Cartwright (centre) along with other company directors.

Photo ID    H204
A game of cricket is in progress on playing fields near the works for employees and their families.  The Billing seen in the background.

Photo ID    H187
Men who worked as representatives for the Cartwright company who were manufacturing chemists.  Pictured are: J C Nicholson, P Milne, J North-Brown, A E Ashley and B W Dear.

Photo ID    H188
The despatch department where men are packing the products into crates. 


Photo ID    H189
This was the drug stock room, the company produced patent medicines. 

Photo ID    H194
Men can be seen at work in the Machine Room. 

Photo ID    H195
This image is captioned, 'Hand granulation for medicinal tablets'. 

Photo ID    H196
Two overseas representatives of the company, Mr W Hermon-Slade operated in Australia and Mr S A Smith, covered New Zealand. 

Photo ID    H197
The packing and finishing department, many of the work force are young women. 


Photo ID    H198
An advertisement for 'Episode' and Lady Gay perfume marketed under the De Fleury company name.  

Photo ID    H199
Lady Gay perfume advertisement.

Photo ID    H200
W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. - 1919
An advertisement for Rhythm perfume, 'The pulse the rhythm of today'.  Marketed under De Fleury company name. 

Photo ID    H201
An advertisement for Salutation perfume, 'For responsive appreciation' was the marketing slogan for this product. 

Photo ID    H203
W B Cartwright manufactured several perfumes, this advertisement is for one called 'Winged Wishes'. 

Photo ID    H206
Five company representatives, Mr E A Lambert, Sales Advertising Manager, Miss L Marion-Croxon of Cragg Row, Rawdon, Miss Elsie W Williams of Nottingham, Mr J W Logan of Glasgow and Mr P C Luty, Larkfield Works, Rawdon. 

Photo ID    H207
Department for sugar coating pills produced by the company, the caption reads, 'This dept has been much enlarged our male coaters having now returned from the army'. 

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Worked there in my school hols when it was taken over by Timothy Whites and Taylor.
I packed anti freeze on a conveyor belt ! I was 15 sure it wouldn't be allowed now !

17 July 2015

Andrew Ellis

My grandfather, David Ellis, worked at Cartwrights from 1915 to his death in 1954 at the age of 70. He was recruited from the Midland Railway Goods Yard in Hunslet, Leeds for his knowledge of the railway system. His job was to organise the import of raw materials and the export of finished goods. He lived on Gladstone Road, Rawdon, and went home for his 'dinner' every day at midday. I have a photograph of him working in the office which I would be happy to make available.

Note that Mr John Rennie, who appears in the picture of Directors at Cartwrights, invented the Rennie indigestion tablet. He was present at my grandfather's funeral.

05 November 2018

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I have come across a 4oz box of Flowers of Sulphur BPC made by Cartwright's. With original contents!
17 January 2022
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