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Rawdon Fun Day 2012

Rawdon Fun Day
Date 2012
Location Rawdon
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Rawdon Fun Day - 2012 

28th May 2012 - One of the Yorkshire Air Ambulances at the Fun Day which is held annually at Redbeck Field, Layton Road.
The Fun Day was set up to support charities which have benefited local people including the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. 
Photographer Joanne Coultas

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 An attraction at the Fun Day was a demonstration of cannon firing.
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Rawdon Fun Day - 2016
June 2016 - Visitors enjoying the activities at the Fun Day.
Photographer Karen Harrison-Park. 

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Attractions for the day included a visit from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, lurcher racing and birds of prey. 

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The birds of prey were one of the sights to be enjoyed. 

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