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New Road

New Road
Date 1949
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
I074 Image donated by Chris Youhill
A Leeds City Transport bus Regent 3020 is outside the old Temperance Hall which became the Rawdon Empire cinema, the site was used for a garage and now has a small housing development on it (January 2015)

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  • Dave Fell Geez the memories are flooding back.

    John Downie The off licence only closed down about five years ago. The temperance hall was built on land I believe was once called 'beast field' As it was where the Riggs butchers/abattoir (next door to the cinema)kept the animals before slaughter.

    David Wooler ...and just below the Off Shop a chippie  I assume after the trams stopped Leeds City Transport ran buses because they had run the trams? Been a child of the late 50's I only remember West Yorkshire and of course Sammey Legards !!!

    Ken Roberts Used to go there often as a teenager. 

    Tom Benson My grandmother worked as an usher at The Empire when she was a teenager, they lived round the corner at Derby Place. My Great Grandfather had a shop just out of shot on the left-hand side of the road, I think it was a wooden structure, either sold sweets or hardware, I can't remember which. I've heard stories about The Empire but never seen a picture, thanks!

    Matt Yates Thanks, I was lost for a minute because of the Pub which is no longer. Does anyone know what it was called?

    Matt Yates Is this leading up the hill towards Rawdon Lights with JCT roundabout at the bottom of the hill, was a petrol station on the site before the small housing estate?

    Jean Robinson I remember it as the Empire. And Flash Gordon on Saturday afternoons for 6d.!

    John Denison I don't recall it being The Empire, always referred to as Rawdon Temps.

    Pete Sutcliffe Have never seen this photo and i love it !

    Phil Todd Remember illicit booze from the office before Benton Parks discothèque, probably my first taste of the amber nectar!

    David Firth I remember the demolition of the picture house.

    Philip Horwood Love old photo's like this. Times change don't they!

    Colin Prendergast this photo was taken in1949 lct stopped running to guisley in 1953 when west yorkshire and sammys took over

  • Christine Stewart Matt - it was an off-licence shop not a pub.


C1900: People lining the road. We don't know what they are waiting for but quite a few adults and children are carrying what appears to be clothing wrapped up in a brown paper parcels.

The photo was taken on a glass slide by Ernest Slater.


Great to see the old Rawdon Temp. Went to dancing class there in the basement and saw lots of films. I think that when it was built Mitchell Yeadon builders and Quarry owners, supplied the stone for the Facade. The last piece put in was the keystone center top. When it was fitted it was found to have been cut at the wrong angle and my great Grandad (Mitchell ) wanted to take it back to be re-cut. He wasn't allowed as somebody "posh" was coming to do the opening and there wasn't time. It annoyed him all his life. You can just see the change of angle if you look at the photo. Sad that it has gone. So many old memories have been demolished. .
07 March 2015
It was good to see the 1949 photo of New Road Side. The shop to the right of the entrance to Rawdon Picture House sold sweets and took bookings. The one on the left was Peggy Shiltons ladies hair dressing salon. Joe Jowett who lived in the cottages opposite was the commissionaire. He wore an old style uniform with epaulets and a peaked cap. The cost of a ticket for a matinee performance was 3 pence for the front two rows and 6 pence for the rest. Just below the picture house was a well used ginned which connected the shops on the Harrogate Rd with those on New Road Side
26 March 2015
David M Ryder
David M Ryder
Tom Benson's mention of the wooden shop across the road from the Empire caught my eye. Tom's Great Grandfather was my Uncle, Harry Bellerby, incidently he was on crutches nearly all his life as a result of a botched operation. The shop was a general store and I believe Uncle Harry bred budgerigars in the back. Harry moved into that shop around 1935 after selling his original business down Yeadon High Street, to my parents, My mother being his younger sister.
18 February 2020
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