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National School 1861 to St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School (4)

St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School
Date 1861 to present
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Staff - Undated
Back row left to right:
Eva Woodcock, George Crompton, Sally Murgatroyd.
Front row left to right:
Maud Jackson, Headmaster Eric Silletto, ( ? )
Donated by George Crompton. 

Photo ID    B750
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Junior Orchestra - Undated
The school junior orchestra which was comprised of: 3 cellos, 9 recorders, 8 violins, 2 trumpets, 2 clarinets and 1 oboe.
Donated by George Crompton.  

Photo ID    B746
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Staff - c1960s 
A staff photograph, some names have been noted:
Janet Friel, Mrs Sheppard, George Crompton, Ralph Ward, Sue Settle, Christine ?
Christine Hobson, Nora Waterhouse.


Photo ID    B592
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Junior Football Team - Undated
Junior school football team with trophy and mascot. 
Donated by George Crompton. 

Photo ID    A792
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Pupils - Undated
Photo of class 7  donated by George Crompton who also supplied the following names:
Louise Acaster, Joanna Forkins, Elaine Hargreaves, Joanne Long, Sarah Tate, Rebecca Reid, Joanne Drew, James Hargreaves, Ian Russell, Adam Wainwright, James Wood, Tracy Wright, Samantha Allinson, Stephen Fox, Katy Botton, Richard Broadhead, Victoria Mosley, Wendy Ayton, Helen Mathers, Christopher M Brown, Sarah Timms, Claire Sutcliffe, Sarah Watson, Giles Brown, Jonathan Eden, Jonathan Bates, Gaynor Collinson, Mathew Newbould, Richard Berkeley.

Photo ID    C743
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Staff - 1973 
Named are:
Sue Settle, George Crompton, Christine Hobson, Janet Friel, Ralph Ward, Vera Turnbull, Mrs Shepherd, Nora Waterhouse and student Carol Fisher.
Donated by George Crompton.

Photo ID    P383
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School - Undated
A series of twelve photographic views of the school and although undated they are estimated to have taken between early to mid 1970s.
Also known as the National School. 

In the 1800s National Schools were founded by the National Society for Promoting Religious Education, the curriculum was the basic '3Rs', reading, writing and arithmetic with religious teaching on the precepts of the Church of England.

These schools eventually became absorbed into the state school system.

Photo ID    P385 On the left is an additional classroom built during the 70s for the ever increasing capacity of pupils.  Grange Farm in the distance, which when demolished would become the school car park.

Photo ID    P386 A view showing the rear of the outside classroom and Grange Farm buildings.

Photo ID    P387 The outside classroom with the Billing dam and the Billing in the distance.

Photo ID    P388 The main assembly hall also utilised as a gym and school canteen for the staff and pupils.

Photo ID    P389 A view through the windows showing where pupils hung their coats.  The end window during the 50s and early 60s was the Headmasters Office.

Photo ID    P390 Another view of the outside classroom and the Billing beyond.

Photo ID    P391 The school playground with Grange Farm running adjacent to it.  On the far side during winter months in the 50s, pupils always made a slide there and wore out their shoes!!

Photo ID    P392 A view from the top of the mezzanine landing.  Assembly hall on the left.

Photo ID    P396 Eventually the need for more classrooms increased and further outside classroom were built. This phot is probably late 70s, as the Billing Farm in the background was demolished in 1981.

Photo ID    P397 A view of the above buildings from another angle.

Photo ID    P384 The side of the classrooms facing Town Street.

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