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National School 1861 to St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School (2)

National School - Destroyed by Fire - 1951
Date 1861 to present
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
G057 Donated by Brian Triffitt.

A view of the National School after the fire in January 1951.

Photo ID    W149
Another view of the National School after the fire.
Donated by Paul Metcalf.

Photo ID    W148 The house on the far left was the headmasters residence which survived the fire in 1951.  The classrooms on the right were destroyed.

Photo ID    Y483A

National School Interlude - 1951/1955


After the fire in 1951, which destroyed the old National School, classes were held in the church institute where this photo was taken, donated by Paul Metcalf who supplied the names: 

The teacher at the back was Miss Jackson, Back row, Fred Buckenham, Hazel Brayshaw, Pat Kingston, Janet Outhwaite, Alan Farrar, 2nd row, Tony Dawson, (half in view on the left) John Brown, Maureen ? ? Malcolm Pullan, ?  ?  Glenda Leathley, 3rd row, Susan Jubb,  ?  Paul Metcalf, Barry Stead,  ? Front row, Janet ?, Paul Barrett, Susan ?, Susan Elliott.

Photo ID    FB216

St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School - 1955
 A plaque at the school has this information:


'This building was opened by

Councillor J M Hudson

On 7th May 1955


To Replace St Peter's Church School And

Destroyed by Fire on 23rd January 1951


County Alderman W M Hyman, Chairman of the West Riding Education Committee A B Clegg MA, Chief Education Officer      H Bennett FRIBA, County Architect'


This photograph was donated by Rachel Dean.

Photo ID    R283
 St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School - 1955


An aerial view of the new build school on Town Street on the site of the previous school which was destroyed by fire in 1951.

Bottom left, the old Headmasters house now occupied by the school caretaker.  The tarmac area to the side of the caretakers house was where the original classrooms were.  To the right of the tarmac area, the main building with five classrooms.  From the classrooms, on the ground floor were clothes storage area and toilets, leading to the Headmasters office, Staff Common Room and a mezzanine landing leading into the assembly hall/gymnasium. At the rear the coal fired boiler house, next to which was the school canteen and finally the little building where school sports equipment was stored.

Photo ID    P020 A photograph showing the school classrooms running adjacent to Town Street.

Photo ID    C749

A photograph showing the school classrooms running adjacent to Town Street.


This photograph was donated by Teena Mitchell.

Photo ID    V423

St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School, School Football Team - 1955


A photograph donated by Paul Metcalf of the 1955 school football team names as:


Back row, left to right:  Alan Farrar,  Terry Pullan,  Peter Ward,  ( ? ) Malcolm Pullan,  Tony  ?  Richard Gill.


Front row, left to right:  Bobby Pickard,  Paul Metcalf,  Barry Stead,  Michael Waugh,  George Pickard (twin brother of Bobby on the left).


Seated boy in front, Colin Tedder.

Photo ID    U870

St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Pupils Sewing - 1955
A group of girls sewing.  First on the left: Hazel Brayshaw, third on the left: the donor of this photograph, Valerie Hoare (now Valerie Ryan)
Photo ID    U869
This photograph donated by Val Ryan is the item that she was sewing in the above photograph U870, which she still has today. (I think its an egg cosy - Ed)
Photo  ID    U871
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Pupils - 1955
This photograph donated by Val Ryan is taken from a booklet commemorating the opening of  St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School on 7th May 1955.
Photo ID    U872
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Pupils - 1955
A group of pupils in gym/drama class, donated by Val Ryan.
Photo ID    W122

St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Pupils - 1955


A class photograph donated by Paul Metcalf of the pupils of 1955, named as:


Back row from left to right:  ? Saxton,  Tony ?,  Alan Farrar,  Michael King,   Peter Ward,  Frederick Buckenham,  Terry Pullan,  Richard Gill,  Michael Waugh.


3rd row left to right:  Catherine ?,  Janet Outhwaite,  Hazel Brayshaw,  ( ? )  ( ? )  ( ? )  Susan Jubb.

2nd row: Valerie Hoare is 8th in from the left.

Front row:  Nigel Pratt,  Paul Barrett,  Billy Todd,  ( ? )  Barry Stead,  Paul Metcalf.

Photo ID    C709
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Staff - 1956
Staff photograph showing from left to right:
Sally Murgatroyd, Maud Jackson, Headmaster Eric Silletto, Eva Woodcock, George Crompton.
Donated by George Crompton.

Photo ID    C744
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Staff - Undated
Staff photograph showing back row from left to right:

Eva Woodcock,  George Crompton, ( ? ) and front row: Maud Jackson, Headmaster Eric Silletto, Sally Murgatroyd.
Donated by George Crompton.

Photo ID    C610
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Staff - 1958
Staff photograph showing back row from left to right:
Sally Murgatroyd, George Crompton, Eva Woodcock and front row: Maud Jackson, Headmaster Eric Silletto, Miss Sullivan (an exchange teacher from America). 

Donated by George Crompton.

Photo ID    A959
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Pupils - 1959
A photograph of Class 7 donated by George Crompton. 

3rd row, 2nd from the right: Kathleen Hardaker.

2nd row, 1st left: Mark Reynolds.

1st row, 2nd left: Alan Lawn, ( ? )  ( ? )  Wendy Bateson, Margaret Scott.

Photo ID    U900
St. Peter's (C of E) Primary School Football Team - 1959/60
Back row from left to right:  Martin Greenwood, Raymond Broadhead, Brian Crompton, Peter McCann, ( ? }  George Crompton, Alan Singleton.
Middle row from left to right: Stephen Smalley, ( ? )  ( ? )  Alan Lawn, ( ? ).
Front row from left to right: Peter Brayshaw, Peter Ogden, Colin Flesher.
Donated by Jack Brayshaw.

Previous Comments:

Re R283


It was a lovely school I was lucky to go there from 1950-56 and I was so happy there.  A big thank you to whoever donated this phot as it shows clearly Grange Farm and all the out buildings my Gran had this farm Clara L Braithwaite which has now sadly been demolished and site of school car park.  None of our teachers had a car they all walked or came on the bus!  This is the best photo I have of the farm - thank you.  Valerie Ryan (nee Hoare)

18 January 2014 


Re R283


On looking through the census records for Rawdon, Mr Cockcroft the Headmaster lived in one of the cottages next to the school on the left as you enter the school carpark.  The Barrett families also lived in these cottages about the same time they were a family of stonemasons and Esther Barrett was the mother of Brian Close the Yorkshire and England cricketer. 

19 February 2017


Re G057


I was a pupil at the school just before it burned down I remember the news and how sad we all were and going to see the remains and the awful smell like the day after bonfire night. Think Mr Metcalfe was the caretaker and Paul his son was in my class. I had to then go into the Greenhill Methodist Church Hall that was down Over Lane until the new school was built. It was big and cold but we all loved playing outside as there were huge holly bushes you could play hide and seek in but they were a bit prickly! There was a gravel path around the huge church next door and a grassy slope we used to love running up and down. I remember as you went into the side door there were some narrow stone steps leading to an upstairs room and I went there on a Sunday as my Uncle Eric Myers was a Sunday School Teacher. There was a big cold kitchen with a huge tea urn. To get in and out we had to negotiate a very steep slope into Over Lane and it was awful in the snow. There was a little "Tuck Shop" and Off Licence very near to it (I am sure the Methodists did not approve!) and at the top of Over Lane was Mr Hudson's Butchers Shop and Mrs Binns Sweet Shop and a bakers Franklands and Carlisles Greengrocers and the little shop by the bus shelter was a lovely Fish and Chip shop run by the Smiths.
In the Church Hall there was a stage and my brother was in a production there with the Harper sisters one was called Annie. Whenever I remember Greenhill I feel cold as it was a large cold and uninviting place to me as a 5/6 year old. The new school was wonderful and I really loved every day. Mr Collins was the head and Mr Maurice Woodruffe (lovely man from Pudsey)took over for a short time and then Mr Eric Siletto became Head when the school was opened. He was lovely and I used to take his daughter Kay to the bus stop every afternoon after school and see her onto the bus where her mother would be as her Mum was also a teacher (I think at Yeadon South View) and they lived in Horsforth. I traced both Kay and Mr Silletto a few years ago he was well into his 80's but still playing the piano (he was a wonderful pianist) and lived in Kent and Kay was in Guiseley The other teachers I can remember were Miss Jackson (fondly called Jacko) Miss Yeadon Miss Hepworth who got married and became Mrs Murgatroyd, Mr Wade who always made a funny face when he sang and one of the older ones when I first started was Miss Yeadon she retired not long after I started. Most female teachers in those days were spinsters. We also had classes in the old church institute sometimes and I remember having lunch there and it always smelled of school dinners. My granny used to go to Whist Drives there. We had lovely dinner ladies and one I really liked was Mrs Leach who loved in Harrogate Road and had a daughter Jan who like me went to Ilkley Grammar School. The days at St Peters or the National as we called it really were the happiest days of my life. Valerie Hoare (now Ryan)

10 September 2013


Re W149

Val Ryan (nee Hoare)

Remember this so well Paul Metcalf it was a sad day for our village and we all went to look at the smoldering remains and the smell of burning filled the village.  But a wonderful new school rose up from the ashes and we were all very lucky to have such a good education there it was a very happy school the hub of the community.  Your grandparents and parents were lovely and looked after the school for us all.  Thanks for sharing your memory of that night with us.

09 December 2018

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Philip tedder
Philip tedder
Football team ... next to stephen Malley..think steven perkins ...kevin Robinson.. above alan lawn .. ..jackson
03 March 2021
Philip tedder
Philip tedder
Photo ID V423 the boy seated is my older brother colin ... he left Rawdon when the school burned down to go to Horsforth
12 March 2021
Philip Tedder - Many thanks for identifying your older brother Philip. I have updated the page. Kind regards, Jack Brayshaw. AHS.
12 March 2021
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