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Micklefield Lane, No.13

Occupant 13 Micklefield Lane
Occupant 13 Micklefield LaneOccupant 13 Micklefield LaneMicklefield Lane
Occupants of 13 Micklefield Lane
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
D142 + D143 + D144 & D150
Top: This man once lived at 13 Micklefield Lane.
Number 13 is next to the Little London school, now converted into Micklefield Mews (September 2012).

Middle: Two ladies who lived at 13 Micklefield Lane.
The woman on the left poses holding flowers in her hand, the woman on the right has a basket and parasol.

Upper Middle: Family group at 13 Micklefield Lane.
The woman sits on the bench with a small boy wearing a sailor suit, very fashionable n the late Victorian/ Edwardian era.
The man leans in with one foot on the bench.

Bottom: This was the home of Mr Parrett and his family, he was a stonemason. Images D142 D143 D144 D145 D146 D147 D148 are of a family living at this address in the same period, presumably the Parretts.
The property is now divided into two dwellings, 13 and 13a. (September 2013)


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