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Micklefield Lane, No. 14 and 15

Micklefield Lane

14 & 15 Micklefield Lane
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
Numbers 14 and 15 Micklefield Lane, 14 is on the left.
This is next to Micklefield Mews, converted from the from the former Little London School'.
It wasn't a faith  (Baptist) school though it may have been used by them for a while.
Based on Quaker educational principles, as well as giving children (infants) a basic education, it also aimed at training them in skills such as weaving, knitting & boot & shoe repairs, which it was thought would help them eventually make a living. It was founded/financed by Robert Milligan who was a wealthy Bradford based woollen cloth merchant who lived at Acacia.
He became first Mayor of Bradford in 1847.
I think he also became a Bradford M.P.
He was a friend  of Titus Salt who was the second Mayor of Bradford.
His business partner,  Henry Forbes, became Bradford's third mayor.
Milligan & Forbes also financed the former Congregational Chapel, Sunday school and manse on New Road Side (JCT600 roundabout), now Trinity Church.

Additional information by Graham Branston

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