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Margaret Doreen Haigh (Peggy) (2)

Margaret Doreen Haigh (Peggy)
Date 1920 - 2013
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
A Christmas Card - Undated
A Christmas card sent to M D (Peggy) Haigh from the Samuel Ledgard Society.  'Peggy' worked as a conductress on Ledgard's buses, forging lasting memories for local people who remember her forthright attitude and sharp wit. 
Photo ID    D437
'Peggy' relaxing on the grass and very unusually for her, wearing a skirt. 
This photograph was taken in 1967.

Photo ID    E173
September - 1988
'Peggy' on her Rawdon allotment, she was a keen grower of vegetables until she reached her 80s. 
She is wearing a 'T' - Shirt she bought at the Appleby Horse Fair.  The Fair was an annual treat for 'Peggy' where she indulged her love of horses and renewed acquaintance with her friends in the gypsy community.

Photo ID    FB154
Eddie Mercer and 'Peggy' attending a Christmas party in Yeadon Library.  Eddie was a Rawdon man with a wealth of local knowledge and a long time member of Aireborough Historical Society.
He died a year or so after this photo was taken.  'Peggy' now in her 90s is legendary in Aireborough from her time working as a Ledgard's bus conductress.

Photo ID    J107
The Public Running Day - 2007
The occasion was the enormously sucessful public running day which we held to remember the end of the Samuel Ledgard bus operations forty years previously in 1967.  The specially painted and professionally restored is an ex London Transport RLH AEC.  Ledgrad had four of the type at the Yeadon Moorfield Depot, 'Peggy' worked on them until the last day.
We managed to keep secret from 'Peggy' any details of the bus but told her she would be picked up at the Emmott's (Arms) on the buse's first journey from Leeds to Otley via her old route.  As you can see from the picture our lovely and much missed friend 'Peggy' was astounded when the bus pulled up!  She spent nearly all day happily riding around on a very tiring itinerary.   I was honoured to conduct the fine vehicle most of the day in my original Samuel Ledgard uniform and ticket machine.
Incidentally, I think the light patch of tarmac on the left of the pavement must be the foundation site of the late lamented bus shelter mentioned on the website.  Chris Youhill.

Photo ID    H301
The Public Running Day - 2007
'Peggy' and long time friend and colleague Chris Youhill posing in front of the Samuel Ledgard's bus.

Photo ID    N214
An undated photograph of 'Peggy' and Cris Youhill on an outing in North Yorkshire' 

Photo ID    N215
An undated photograph with 'Peggy' and Cris Youhill enjoying a day out in Saltburn, North Yorkshire, seen here on the pier.

Photo ID    FB155
This undated photograph was taken in Rawdon Library where she is sat at the newspaper table, a favourite meeting place for 'Peggy', Eddie Mercer, his brother Roy and other regular contributors to the 'Rawdon Parliament'.
She lived an independent life Rawdon, one of her few concessions to old age was to use the 'Access' bus to go to the supermarket for her shopping!

Photo ID    D415
Undated photograph of 'Peggy' enjoying a day out in the Dales.

Photo ID    N208 An undated photograph showing 'Peggy' on a day out in North Yorkshire.

Photo ID    C202
The Order of Service - 8th January 2014
The funeral of Margaret Doreen Haigh (Peggy), an old Rawdon character who will be sadly missed but well remembered. 

Photo ID    C203 The Order of Service - 8th January 2014

Photo ID    C204 The Order of Service - 8th January 2014

Photo ID    N677
The Funeral of Margaret Doreen Haigh (Peggy) - 8th January 2014
The funeral service was held at St. Peter's Church, Rawdon, Peggy's last journey was as she had wished, carried in dignified style in a traditional Victorian hearse pulled by two magnificent plumed black Friesian stallions.  A fitting cortege for a woman who had a life-long love of horses.
After the service the cortege went on to Rawdon Crematorium for internment, this was a route Peggy had followed many times as a conductress on her Ledgard's Moorfield bus route.

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Sadly we lost dear Peggy in December 2013 she was a remarkable lady and one of the last real old Rawdoners, she was a good friend of my family and I can fondly remember her from the Sam Ledgards buses Leeds/Ilkely when I went to school and when she helped on the farm with horses and with Mr Frankland at his garage in Larkfield. Rest in peace Peggy you were a joy to know and hope you find a "stables" in the sky. You will be sadly missed 

Valerie Hoare

Sunday, January 19, 2014

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