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Margaret Doreen Haigh (Peggy) (1)

Margaret Doreen Haigh (Peggy)
Date 1920 - 2013
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
A brief History:
Margaret Doreen Haigh or 'Peggy' as she preferred to be known as was born in Singapore in 1920, and brought to live with her aunt in Rawdon at a young age.  She developed a great love of horses and kept several of her own becoming an accomplished horsewoman. 
During the second World War she joined the Land Army where her skill with horses was utilised when she was put to work driving teams of Shire horses in Kent.
Many local people came to know her during her time as a bus conductress when she kept passengers on Ledgard's busses entertained with her forthright wit and no-nonsense approach.
At that time she had a horse which she kept in a field on Leeds Road, Otley, she would buy hay for the horse, stow it on the bus, then when approaching the field she would shout to the driver to slow down then hurl the hay bale into the horses field!
Her somewhat 'gruff' manner and conversation which could be peppered with expletives belies the fact that she was a cultured lady with a love of opera, art and architecture, in the past she gave slide shows and talks about time spent in Egypt, Israel and Italy.

Editors Note:
At this juncture I am going to do something out of the ordinary and direct you, the reader, to a very interesting article compiled and written by Ken Yeadon.  After you have read this remarkable account of 'Peggy's' life you will be able to enjoy more of the following photographs and further accounts of this very well loved and respected lady.  Click on the 'blue' link (Peggy)
Photo ID    D260
Littlemoor Primary School Pupils - c1930s
'Peggy' Haigh attended Littlemoor Primary School and is seated first on the right on the second row, wearing a dark coloured dress which has a pale coloured collar. 

Photo ID    D260A A close up photograph of 'Peggy' Haigh taken from D260 above, that has been enhanced for better clarity. (Editor. JB)

Photo ID    D305
The following four photographs are of a booklet by 'Peggy' Haigh which shows examples of her handwriting, maths and artistic qualities.
A beautifully designed and drawn front page.

Photo ID    D306
Her handwriting style was very neat and the ship again showing her artistic skill, and all with a 'dip' in the ink pen, no biros then!
The extract reads:
'Supposed to be found by measurement that a man of war with its ordnance, rigging and appointments draws as much water as to displace 55000 cubic feet of sea water required the weight of the vessel.'  (Editor. JB)

Photo ID    D307
The extract reads:
'Water whose diameter was 348 inches and on taking it out I found the fall of the water to be 12 inches. What was the solidity of the marble.'  (Editor. JB)
Then the calculation.

Photo ID    D308
The extract reads:

Yorkshire Stone       2442

Cedar of Lebanon        613

Clay                         2160          

Elm                               600

Grind Stone             2145 

Willow                           585

BurfordStone           2040          

Fir                                 550

Birch                        2000          

Popular                         385

Light Earth              1984

Cork                              240

Ivory                        1825 

Atmospheric air             1.2

'What is the solidity of an irregular Yorkshire stone whose weight is 228 lbs 15 ozs avoirdupois' 
( Avoirdupois - a system of weights based on a pound of 16 ounces or 7,000 grains. Editor. JB)      

Photo ID    C480   
The Land Army - c1940
'Peggy' (WLA 4408) in her twenties, proudly wearing her Land Army uniform with a shoulder flash for West Kent.  She joined in July 1941 until 8 mar 1950.  She served in that area on a farm, ploughing and driving teams of heavy horses. 

Photo ID    C468
A young 'Peggy' smartly mounted on one of her beloved horses, handwritten on the photo is "Going cubhunting."
Photo ID    D300
'Peggy' confidently sits astride a heavy horse, this was during her time serving with the Land Army in Kent during the 2nd World War. c1940/45
Photo ID    C471
The Land Army WW2 - Recruitment Poster
The illustration of a World War 2, recruitment poster for the Land Army.  Over 80,000 women joined and served.

Photo ID    C471R
The reverse of a picture postcard (depicting the Land Army recruitment poster) sent to 'Peggy' from a friend named 'Chris' dated 17 Oct ??
The message reads:
"Hello Peggy, I am at Bletchley Park Wartime Enigma Museum.  Wonderful interesting place.  Thought you would like this card.  Still some vacancies in the Land Army if you fancy another go?  Take care, Chris x"

Photo ID    D176
An undated photograph, the central figure is 'Peggy' in her Land Army uniform, the location is Boar Lane, Leeds.

Trinity Church is on the right out of view, C&A Modes is directly behind her, the restaurant sign behind the Belisha Beacon is for Jacomelli's which opened in 1906. 

Photo ID    C466
Land Army Release Certificate - 1950
A photograph of the release certificate sent to Margaret Doreen (Peggy) Haigh of 33 Leeds Road, Rawdon, after her service in the Land Army during the 2nd World War. 

Photo ID    U898 
33 Leeds Road, Rawdon.
A photograph of the house where 'Peggy' lived throughout most of her life.

Photo ID     D381   
Pony and Trap - 1960 
'Peggy' plus her dogs in a pony and trap on New Road Side, Rawdon, not far from her home.
For the only time in her life she had been for her hair perming prior to a trip abroad.  She was not impressed with the result!

Photo ID     D239
On Holiday in Egypt - 1964
More used to riding horses, 'Peggy' is seen here on a camel with the Sphinx and great pyramid of Khufu or Cheops in the background.
These monuments are situated in Giza, a suburb of Cairo, Egypt.

Photo ID     D253
On Holiday in Israel - Undated
'Peggy' is in the centre of the group wearing a light coloured jumper which has a strap across it.
The location is thought to be Israel which she visited with a group from her local church, probably St. Peter's, Rawdon. 

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