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LittleMoor School 1957/58

Littlemoor School
Date 1957/58
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
I289     Donated by Neil Hardisty
A class photo of children in Year 4 or 2nd Year.
The donor of the photo Neil Hardisty remembers the teaching staff :
1st Year Juniors       Miss Verity (sister of cricketer Headley Verity)
2nd Year Juniors      Miss Edgar
3rd Year Juniors       Mrs Dennison
4th Year Juniors       Mr Jones
The children have been named as :
Back row left to right : Peter Jenkinson, Peter Myers, Derek Lazenby, John Weyman, Roger Seaman, Kenneth Smith, Philip Jones, Steven Elliot, Richard Seed, David Topham, Dennis Shutt and Neil Hardisty.

Middle row left to right : Christine Longfellow, Lesley Wells, Pauline Clark, Diana Freeman, ? Putman, Susanah Hewitt, Helen Russell, Irene Foster and Jean Dyson.
Front row left to right : Peter Finch, Elizabeth Harper, Susan Farnell, Jennifer Jenkins, Pamela Lawson, Vivienne Robinson, Margaret Hattersley and Tommy Rhodes.

Missing : David Allerton, Stephen Carlisle, Kathleen McGee, George Stead and John Womersley.

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