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Littlemoor School 1950s

Littlemoor School
Date As Shown
Location Rawdon
Photo ID
PU031     Donated by David Teale
1952: School class with names supplied by the donor of the photo David Teale.

C1950: Class photo.

Back row from left to right:
Barbara Wilkinson, ? ? Robinson, Ina Minogue, Audrey Cole, "Bunny" Benson, Barry Stead, Brian Firth and Denis Robinson.

Middle row left to right: Iris Wilkinson, ? Barbara Hayes (with plaits, donor of the image & names), Eileen Kay, Shirley Lawson, June Clayton, Shirley Richardson, Ann Miller and Doris ?

Front row left to right: Keith Jenkinson, David Croft, David Ingleson, Jean ( John), came from France and spoke no English, died 2017), Peter Ley, ? and Peter Waterworth.


1953: School photo taken to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 11, names and information supplied by the donor of the photo Richard Hayes.

Back row left to right :

Ray Jeffries   Harold Shirt   David Rigg   Donald Micklethwaite    Gordon Longfellow   

Mark Green    John Payne    Jonathan Wilson    Richard Morris    Michael Lawson

3rd row left to right :

Selwyn Hawkins    Pauline Widdop   Lesley Frayne   Eileen Shannon   Susan Bradley   Jean Rollinson    Susan Gill   Pauline Dix   Valery Mail    Rodney "Pod" Witham

2nd row left to right :

Sandra Middlemas    Anne Croft    Marian Reid   Pat Ingleson   Judith Bell    Judith Meredith   Sandra Schofield      ? ?   Pauline Barnes     Judith Clayton

Front left to right :

Graham ?    David "Nipper" Wilson    Rodney Gregory   Michael Emsley    ? ?     

Ronnie Littlewood (?)   Richard Hayes    ??   Brian Burkit


More information :

Graham ? lived at Rawdon Fire Station where his father was Chief Officer.

Rodney Gregory went on to own a ladies hairdressers in Guiseley.

Michael Emsley, his family owned Emsley's bakery on Harrogate Road.

Brian Burkit wanted to become a sports commentator or journalist, did he succeed ?

Anne Croft, her family were Croft Hauliers of Yeadon.

Paula Schofield, her family had the greengrocers shop on Harrogate Road.

Valery Mail, her father was in the RAF, she would vanish from school for a while during his postings, she possibly went to Hong Kong for a time.

David Rigg was one of the famed butchers family, for some years he ran the Yeadon shop. His father was Dick Rigg who lived in the cottage next to the Rawdon shop which was sold to Wilkinsons.

Michael Lawson became a chef, at one time he worked at the Box Tree Restaurant in Ilkley.


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